Fathers Day Cakes Jun 09, 2015
One of the biggest holidays celebrated in the month of June is Father’s Day. This year Father’s Day falls on June 21st.  Ensure that the father in your life has an unforgettable day with a custom designed cake from Cake Junkie!

When it comes to choosing a bakery for your special event you want to ensure that you are choosing the best bakery in the Brazos Valley. At Cake Junkie we offer a variety of cake flavors that can be baked into any size cake. Whether you are looking for traditional flavors of unique flavors you will find them at Cake Junkie.

For Father’s Day our most popular flavors are Mississippi Mud, German Chocolate, Yellow and Vanilla. Once the flavor of cake has been chosen you can choose the desired shape. Cake Junkie offers both 2-D and 3-D shaped cakes and can shape the cake into a variety of different shapes. Whether you are looking to present your dad with a Texas shaped cake, or a cake baked in the shape of a fish, you will find exactly what you are looking for at Cake Junkie.

Some of the most requested designs we have received in honor of Father’s Day includes:
  • Cakes decorated with a suit and tie for the hardworking family man
  • Cakes decorated with fish or animals for the hunting and wildlife enthusiasts
  • Cakes decorated with beer cans or sports equipment for the sports enthusiast
  • Cakes decorated with power tools for the handy dad
In addition to shaped and sheet cakes there are a variety of daily desserts available at the bakery daily. If you are in a time crunch stop in and pick up a half dozen order of jumbo cupcakes. Our cupcakes are baked and iced fresh with a variety of unique flavors that will please your dad’s taste buds. Some of our most popular flavors include sweet & salty, Reese’s peanut butter, Boston cream and chocolate mint. Half a dozen of our jumbo cupcakes are available for $18.00 and make the perfect Father’s day dessert. By purchasing an order of cupcakes you can ensure that everyone gets to indulge in their favorite flavor while celebrating your dad and all he does for you.

If your dad isn’t a huge fan of cakes he will love our cookies! Pick up a box of warm chocolate chip, peanut butter and pecan sand cookies to show how much your dad means to you. In addition these cookies, Cake Junkie proudly offers a variety of decorated cookies that can be shaped and decorated in honor of your dad. Order some iced cookies in the shapes of power tools today.

End Father’s Day on a sweet note with the perfect dessert for your favorite man. To place your order for Father’s Day call (979) 268-2342 or visit to get more cake ideas.

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Graduation Cake Ideas by Cake Junkie May 12, 2015
It’s that time of year again. The time of year where graduates dawn their cap and gowns, move their tassels from the right to left side and walk across the stage to receive their diplomas.

Once the cheers begin and the hats are thrown up into the air it is time to start celebrating a huge accomplishment for the student in your life. Graduating for high school and college are huge steps in furthering your education. After years of studying and testing, students are ready to move on into the next phase of their lives.

A common graduation tradition is throwing a graduation party for the graduate. Graduation parties range in all sizes from intimate family gatherings to large parties with your friends and teachers. Whether you are having a family dinner or expecting over a hundred guests it is important to have a delicious dessert for all to enjoy. A custom graduation cake from Cake Junkie makes for the perfect center piece to your graduation table.

When it comes to selecting a graduation cake design, Cake Junkie has a variety of samples in their portfolios. Cake Junkie is licensed to decorate Aggie graduation cakes with the schools logo and name. Whether you are looking for a cake that is made to look like your Aggie ring, your pair of corp. of cadet books, or the century tree, Cake Junkie has the skill to do it.

In addition to Aggie cakes, Cake Junkie has done several high school graduation cakes. With various design for Bryan High, Rudder High and College Station High School we can make any graduation cake dream a reality.

Once you have ordered your custom made graduation cake it is important to display the cake proudly at your party. A great tip in setting up your graduation table is placing your custom made cake in the center with a sign-in/memories book on one side and a series of photographs of your graduate from the time they were a baby to the time they graduated. A sign-in and memories book is a great way to have all of your guests congratulate you and to keep record of who all attended your special day.

Unlike birthdays, a person’s graduation only happens once or twice in a lifetime. Celebrate this important milestone and show the graduate in your life how proud you are of them with a custom decorated cake from Cake Junkie. Whether you request a three layer amaretto flavored cake with ornate details or a simple chocolate sheet cake, you will be satisfied with the design and flavor of the cake you receive.

We are booking up fast, if you are looking to order a graduation cake for your graduate visit or call 979-268-2342.

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The Booming Popularity of Cupcake Trends Apr 15, 2015
The popularity of the cupcake – a sugary treat filled with various fillings, frostings and flavors has boomed in the past few years and this trend is still exploding in bakeries nationwide.

With a surge of specialty cupcake stores such as Crumbs Cupcakes and cupcake TV shows such as DC Cupcakes and Cupcake Wars, the trend of this all-American pastry continues to satisfy sweet tooths. Since the founding of Crumbs Cupcakes, cupcakes have become a fan favorite treat. Crumbs Cupcakes gained notoriety for the enormous size of their trendy treats. Each cupcake at Crumbs is nearly 4 inches tall.

With the demand of cupcakes at an all-time high bakeries are having to set themselves apart from the rest. In order to stay ahead of the competition bakeries are having to create unique flavors and designs for the signature dessert. Some of the most unique and versatile cupcake flavors that have proven to be a hit include:
  • Peanut butter & jelly
  • Mint Chocolate Chip
  • Boston Cream Pie
  • Apple Pie
  • Chocolate and Salted Carmel
  • Bananas Foster
When visiting a bakery it is important to look at the menu in advance to know which types of cake and frosting flavors they have. Each bakery has a different menu and offers different specials.

One reason that cupcakes are such a big trend is that they can be decorated and stylized to your liking. Each cupcakes can have a different design and style. Sprinkles, toppers, colored icing and food garnishes are just a few ways to decorate specialty cupcakes from your local Bryan bakery.

In addition to the versatility with flavors and design, cupcakes make the perfect treat for every function, big or small. Cupcakes are a great afternoon pick-me-up, snack for a meeting, dessert for a birthday party or table décor for a wedding dessert table.

At Cake Junkie we offer a variety of sweet treats. Our jumbo cupcakes are a huge fan favorite! With over 30 different unique flavors to choose from Cake Junkie’s jumbo cupcakes are a great way to feed any addiction to sweet. Some of the unique flavors available at Cake Junkie include:
  • Dreamsicle
  • Key Lime
  • Little Debbie
  • Chocolate Strawberry
  • Butter Pecan
  • Banana Pudding
  • Amaretto
  • Rocky Road
  • White Almond
  • Watermelon
While cupcakes continue to be high in demand, your local Bryan-College Station bakery [D1] offers a variety of other tasty treats sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

If you are looking for a sweet treat try one of our delicious cake bites, which is a bite-sized treat of cake dipped in luscious chocolate. We also offer a variety of petit fours, gooey bars, lemon bites and cookies in addition to our custom cakes. If you are looking for office treats or the perfect birthday dessert visit Cake Junkie, located in Bryan, for all of your dessert needs. To order your specialty custom order of six cupcakes or more call 979-268-2342, one of our bakery assistants will be glad to take your order.

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Spring Wedding Cake Trends Mar 04, 2015
March marks the beginning of spring. With the change in weather and the flowers in bloom new trends emerge. One of the most noticeable spring trends involves how the new season impacts your food choices. When it comes to weddings and choosing the proper type of cake for your spring nuptials these trends continue to dominate bakeries around the world.


As light and pale colors begin to dominate the spring season the color trend of pastel colors is prevalent on spring wedding cakes. While the traditional white and ivory colors are still the two most popular wedding cake colors, other colors are being requested in the bakery. Some of the most requested colors include peach, robin’s egg blue, lilac and light pink. While an all-white wedding cake will always be classic, a pastel ombre wedding cake is perfect for the spring! To ensure that you receive the perfect wedding cake color, use specific color terminology by referring to the Pantone number of the color you’d like.


Nothing makes a spring wedding cake like floral arrangements. Whether you choose roses, tulips, orchids or mums, flowers are a great way to create a one-of-a-kind wedding cake. Bakeries can create sugary flowers out of icing and fondant to cover your cake, but more and more brides are requesting to have fresh flowers garner the top and sides of their wedding cake. A fresh set of light peach and pink roses make for the perfect topping to a crisp, all-white, tiered wedding cake.


When future brides-to-be and grooms begin taste testing their cake flavors they are faced with the decision of whether or not they’d like their cake covered in icing or fondant. Fondant is a sugary dough that is thinned and rolled over the cake and its icing. Fondant is recommended for cakes that require more complex art designs. Fondant allows for cakes to essentially become a canvas for cake decorators. With both fondant and buttercream icings, cake decorators are able to implore a variety of different techniques to create a unique texture for your wedding cake. Some of the most popular textures requested on custom made wedding cakes include frill, lace, and replicating the texture of your wedding gown. A great idea for brides to utilize when designing their wedding cake is bringing in a sample or image of their wedding gown so that the bakery and decorators can get an idea of what the dress will look like. A sample is a great way to ensure that your wedding cake is one-of-a-kind.

While butter cream and fondant seem to be the two most popular icing choices, several brides are opting for icing-less cake designs. These “naked” cakes do not have any icing, but are typically garnered with fresh fruit like berries and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

If you are planning a spring wedding and are in need of a custom made cake contact Cake Junkie. With Cake Junkie you will be able to set up a cake testing and will experience exceptional one on one care. To schedule you tasting today call (979) 268-2342.
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Cake Junkie Makes for a Sweet Valentine's Day Feb 02, 2015
February is known as the month of love. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner it is time to start planning your special day.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to tell the ones you love, whether family, friends, or a significant other, that you love them. When it comes to sending your message forgo the traditional conversation hearts and boxes of chocolates for a sweeter and more personal gift. This Valentine’s Day turn to Cake Junkie to send your message of love.

When planning something special for your significant other, order a specialty cake from Cake Junkie to make sure your Valentine’s Day is one for the books. During the Valentine’s holiday the most requested cake flavor is chocolate.  By creating a custom cake, Cake Junkie can put a smile on your loved one’s face. Customize your cake by choosing one of Cake Junkie’s signature flavors. Some of our most requested flavors during the Valentine’s holiday are German Chocolate, Pink Champagne, Italian Cream or White Almond.

Once you have chosen a cake flavor it is time to choose the icing. If you are sticking with the popular tradition of chocolate opt for our chocolate ganache or chocolate buttercream to cover your cake. Once you have chosen the flavor of your cake our highly-skilled decorators will design your cake.

If you are looking for a cake that conveys your love ask for red, pink and white colors to appear on the icing. Patterns of polka dots and hearts are very popular during the month of February. To ensure that your cake is one-of-a-kind, add a personal touch by writing your own message or having an inside joke between you and your significant other added to the cake.

Take your Valentine’s Day cake to the next level by having it shaped by our staff. In addition to tiered cakes, Cake Junkie offers 2-D & 3-D shaped cakes. Let us shape the cake into a heart and cover it in red icing to prove just how much you love one another.

If you are looking for a smaller dessert for your Valentine, Cake Junkie can help! In addition to cakes, Cake Junkie offers jumbo cupcakes, cake bites, cookies and gooey bars.

With an extensive list of cupcake flavors, half a dozen chocolate strawberry, red velvet or Little Debbie cupcakes make for the perfect Valentine’s Day dessert for your family. In addition to these flavors, Cake Junkie offers cookies ‘n cream, vanilla raspberry, chocolate mint and amaretto cake bites. Order a dozen and pass them out to all of your friends who you love.

This year, plan ahead to ensure that your Valentine’s Day is as sweet as can be. Let the skilled staff at Cake Junkie prepare your Valentine’s Day desserts for you.

Cake Junkie is open from 8-6 Monday through Friday and is open 8-1 on Saturday. Located in Bryan, Texas Cake Junkie proudly serves the Brazos Valley. To order your goodies call 979-268-2342. 
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Gender Reveal Cakes Jan 02, 2015
Finding out that you are expecting a baby is one of the greatest joys in life. Like all pregnancies there are moments of joy and wonder, and moments of difficulty and pain. One of the greatest moments during a pregnancy is finding out whether you are having a sweet baby boy or a darling baby girl. When it comes to announcing which gender you are expecting, couples are starting to turn to local bakeries to help them announce whether they are having a boy or girl. This latest trend in the baby department is known as gender reveal.

Gender reveal parties are a great way to announce the new to your friends and family. If you are not familiar with how gender reveal parties work, couples invite their loved ones to come over and place bets on whether they are going to be dressing their baby in blue or pink. At these parties there are a lot of gender themed games and gifts that can be given, all leading up to the moment when a couple reveals whether they will be having a girl or boy.

One of the most creative ways couples announce whether they are having a boy or girl is through food- primarily a custom designed baby cake.

To ensure that this surprise goes off without a hitch, the expectant mom and dad order the baby cake a few days ahead of the big reveal and request that the cake batter be dyed blue for a boy or pink for a girl. The outside frosting is then done in a gender neutral color, typically white or yellow. At the party, the custom designed cake is sliced and the gender of the baby is revealed. Gender reveal cakes are a great way to build the anticipation of your new addition.

Cake Junkie has been proud to help future mom and dads surprise their family and friends, and even themselves. Some parents want to find out the gender of their baby in the presence of their loved ones. When this is the case, the soon-to-be-parents ask their doctor to seal the results of their ultrasound in an envelope which is then delivered to the chosen bakery. The cake bakers and decorators are the first to see the results of the ultrasounds and tint the cake batter accordingly. While the outside of the cake appears to be gender neutral, the inside is all boy or all girl.

If you prefer a more traditional baby shower cake, Cake Junkie is happy to design a custom boy or girl’s cake. Whether you desire a girls cake topped with princess crowns, flowers, or a simplistic pink polka dots or stripe theme, Cake Junkie has the cake for you. If you are expecting a boy a blue car, block or sports themed cake is the perfect way to honor the upcoming birth of your child.

Welcoming a new baby, whether a boy or a girl into the world is a moment of joy! Celebrate with a custom cake from Cake Junkie! Order your gender reveal cake today by calling (979) 268-2342.
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Making Sure That your Wedding Cake Tastes as Good as it Looks Dec 01, 2014
The wedding cake is always the first thing that most guests seek out as soon as they enter the reception. Everyone is always interested in seeing the design chosen by the bride and groom. While the design of the cake is certainly important, it is equally important to ensure that your cake looks as good as it tastes.
Among the most important steps that couples can take to ensure their cake is one that guests will savor is to choose an experienced baker with a solid reputation for producing delicious College Station wedding cakes. Your wedding cake is one of the most important elements of your wedding. As such, it deserves special attention. So much so, that many brides often select their baker before they choose their wedding gown. In choosing a baker, it is important to take your time and make sure you ask pertinent questions regarding experience, cost, and availability. It is also a good idea to ask if you can review a gallery of previous cakes produced by the baker as well as request references from former clients.
Along with choosing an experienced baker, it is also important to consider the flavour combinations you will choose for your cake. Once upon a time, vanilla was the standard for the bride's cake. Eventually, many brides branched out to include variations of vanilla, but it remained the chosen flavour. Today, brides have become emboldened by a heady array of exotic combinations. Among the most popular combinations for this year include the following:
  • Almond and Cherry
  • Banana and Peanut Butter Cream Cheese
  • Carrot and Cream Cheese
  • Chocolate and Chocolate Mousse
  • Chocolate and Nutella
  • Chocolate and Salted Caramel
  • Chocolate Cinnamon and Salted Chocolate Ganache
  • Chocolate Mint and Crème de Menthe
  • Coconut and Lime
  • Lemon and Raspberries
  • Red Velvet and Cream Cheese
  • Spice Cake and Apple Buttercream
  • White Chocolate and Raspberry Cream
Although not all of these flavors will be loved by everyone, couples who are feeling daring and who desire a cake that will certainly be remembered, may find that one of these flavour combinations is the perfect choice to celebrate their nuptials.
If you have not yet tried one of these distinctive flavour combinations, it is a good idea to request a tasting with your chosen baker. Most bakers are quite happy to oblige. Not only does a tasting provide the opportunity for you to check out the flavour and decide if it is the right choice for your wedding, but it also gives you the opportunity to test the baker's work before the big day.
Are you experiencing trouble deciding among various flavour combinations? Why force yourself to settle for one? An increasing number of brides are now requesting multiple flavour combinations for their wedding cakes. For instance, consider opting for a vanilla cake with multiple fillings. This is a great way to include all of your favourite flavour combinations and ensure that they complement one another. If you are staying in College Station and planning a wedding cake, then be sure to visit Cake Junkie Bakery once!
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Fall Wedding Cakes Nov 06, 2014
Fall in Texas is a beautiful thing. Compared to the blistering heat endured in summer, fall ushers in cooler, fresh weather that makes spending the days outside enjoyable. Because fall is such an ideal season in Texas, fall weddings have risen in popularity. With so many wonderful things encompassing the season – from crisp autumn leaves to cooler air, your wedding cake should also encompass the wonderful fall season.

Here are some of the fall wedding cake trends we’ve had requested lately. One of the easiest and most popular requests we’ve received during the months of October and November is adding rustic orange and red leaves, roses or acorns to a wedding cake. This is such a sweet yet simple request that makes any wedding cake perfect for the fall season.  Traditional summer wedding cakes often come with the request of bright flowers or traditional white flowers, but fall is when you really play up warm, rich colors.

While some brides opt for wedding cakes decorated with floral other brides are opting for a more seasonal approach to their wedding cake décor: fruit. Fruits have become an increasing popular trend requested on wedding cakes. The typical three-tiered wedding cake is taken to new heights with an assortment of warmly colored fruits accentuating the cake. Apples are most commonly associated as the fruit of fall. With so many variants of the apple, brides and grooms can choose to have their cake decorated with warm reds, yellows or greens. Other fruits that represent the fall season include, but are not limited to cranberries, grapes, pears and persimmons.

Another factor that can create the ideal fall wedding cake is flavor. While traditional white and chocolate cakes are year-round, fall produces more warming flavors that can be infused with cake batter for a decadent and warm wedding cake flavor. Rich flavors such as spice, pumpkin, and apple make for delicious variants to the typical cake flavors you taste. Other popular fall flavors that prove to be popular at this time of year include coffee, maple and caramel.

While there are many ways to play up with season when it comes to your dream wedding cake brides can still choose to order a traditional wedding cake. The silky white, tiered wedding cake designed with pearls and buttercream icing that you have envisioned since you were a little girl is still applicable (not to mention always tasty,) during the fall months. These year-round cakes are universally known for their classic feel that they add to a wedding.

When it comes to the day when you say “I do” everything should fall into place. From the venue, flower arrangement and wedding dress, to the invitations and the wedding cake, your day should go off without a hitch. When choosing your ideal wedding cake flavor and design, trust your gut and choose what you and your soon-to-be-husband like.

For more information and to customize your own wedding cake today, say “I do” to Cake Junkie. To contact the bakery call (979) 268-2342 or visit to view our wedding cake and special occasions gallery.
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Custom Cakes for the Fall Oct 06, 2014
As we usher in fall with cooler weather and holiday scents, we also usher in custom cakes that are unique and compelling. From birthday cakes to three-tier wedding cakes, the season has a direct influence on cake requests. 

Over time, Texas cake trends have changed. As the seasons change and years go by, cakes become bigger, better, and more elaborate. Cakes have become a staple for any and every type of celebration. Whether it is a birthday, wedding, retirement party or a baby shower, a cake is needed. 

Ordering a fall custom cake is a great way to sponsor individuality and personalization.  Some of the newest trends we have seen in the bakery this fall is the flavor of cakes.  During the Autumn months, flavors of spice, pumpkin and carrot cake are requested on a daily basis. While chocolate and vanilla remain cake flavor staples, a change in the weather leaves customers requesting more warm flavors that rely on several sweet spices like cinnamon and brown sugar.

When it comes to children's birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and catering events, the bakery has seen a surge in fall themed styles. Cakes shaped in pumpkins and scarecrows infused with light oranges, maroons and sage greens have become popular. As Halloween approaches, more requests of hauntingly delicious witch, ghost and skeleton cakes are requested. 

When it comes to fall wedding cakes, traditional designs seem to reign supreme. Multi-tiered cakes with fall colored ribbons and flowers will make for a breathtaking centerpiece at your wedding table. One great way to incorporate the Autumn season into your wedding cake is by ditching the traditional flowers that top cakes and opting for fresh Autumn leaves in hues of red, orange and brown. Another way to incorporate fall into your cake design is opting for chocolate icing instead of buttercream. The brown shade of chocolate icing is reminiscent of the fall months. 

If you are exploring options for a child's birthday cake and flowers and leaves are not something your child would be enthused about explore themed cakes. Cakes with owls, cats, scarecrows and pumpkins are a great way to tie in the month with your child's special day.

When you find yourself in need of a fall cake for your special event, look no further than Cake Junkie to "feed your addiction."  
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New Wedding Cake Trends Take the Industry by Storm Sep 02, 2014
Your choice of wedding cake design can be just as vital as your choice of wedding dress or 
reception venue. In addition to being tasty, your wedding cake should also be beautiful, work 
with the theme of your wedding, and capture the attention of your guests. 

The right choice of cake can truly take your special day to the next level. Throughout the years, 
wedding cake designs have undergone a massive transformation from old-fashioned layered 
cakes to modern looks. Each year, it seems as though something new enters the scene. 

This season, Texas cakes have featured numerous types of modern designs ranging from 
single tiered cakes to more elegant, decorative touches such as the addition of exotic 
embellishments and flowers. It is even possible to design your own wedding cake at your local 
bakery. The key to achieving a cake you will love is to not be afraid to think outside the box by 
being willing to pair different themes, patterns, colors, and shapes to create a unique cake. 
Consider the following styles and designs that you can use to incorporate into your own big day. 
Instead of one big cake featuring a lot of tiers, many couples are not opting to use multiple 
cakes displayed on lovely cake stands. By incorporating several flavors or even different colors, 
you can achieve a truly distinctive look and ensure that you have something that will appeal to 
everyone on your guest list. 

Textured wedding cakes are also making a big splash this year. Take your inspiration from 
practically anywhere, including your wedding dress or your invitations. From chevron-inspired 
designs to layers of ruffles, anything is up for grabs. You might even consider mixing and 
matching a variety of textures and patterns and tying everything together with a single color. 
While many wedding cakes tend to lean toward chic and sophisticated, others are taking a nod 
from rustic-inspired looks. Rustic designs tend to be especially popular for autumn weddings. 
Burlap embellishments has rapidly become a popular choice for rustic-style wedding cakes, but 
there are also many other ways you can achieve a pastoral look for your cake, including with the 
use of country-style lace and wooden-inspired embellishments. 

Illustrated wedding cakes are also making a big splash this year. With this type of cake, you will 
need to opt for white fondant to create a background for your illustrated work of art. If you think 
that a hand-painted wedding cake would be out of your budget, think again. Nature-inspired 
themes tend to be popular for illustrated wedding cakes, but the only limit to a hand-painted 
cake is your imagination. This medium tends to lend itself well to everything from stained glass 
to abstract designs to graffiti-inspired strokes to henna designs. 

Statement cakes have also continued to make an appearance. Such cakes typically involve 
towering designs, extravagant design choices and luxurious finishes. With a statement cake that 
dominates the reception, you may not even need a lot of extra décor. 
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Simplifying the Process for Ordering your Wedding Cake Aug 04, 2014
Your wedding cake is one of the most important parts of your reception and serves as a focal point. As soon as guests enter the reception, they immediately begin to seek out the wedding cake and are always interested in seeing the colors, style, design, and other elements that you have chosen. There is also tremendous anticipation to sample it. As such, it is important to ensure that you choose a cake that will not only look great but taste great, as well. The following tips can help to guide you through the process of ordering College Station wedding cakes. 

In choosing a baker, it is important to always schedule a tasting. While it's a good idea to review a gallery of wedding cakes that the baker has produced in the past, beautiful designs do not always equate to a delicious taste. So, take the time to schedule a tasting and choose a few samples. During your initial consultation with the baker, you can discuss the various elements that go into producing a wedding cake, including flavors and design options. This meeting is also a good time to discuss budget for your wedding cake.

The process of selecting a wedding cake design  can be intimidating for many couples. With so many current trends, it can be easy to become confused. Ultimately; however, it is important to remember that your cake should serve as a reflection of you and the style you have selected for your wedding. Use other elements that you are including in your wedding, including the style of your gown, to help guide you in choosing a cake for your reception. For instance, if your gown is ultra-modern, your cake should likely reflect a contemporary design, as well. 

One of the most common questions that many people ask is how much cake they should order. Early in the process of planning your reception, it can be difficult to know how much cake you need when you do not have final RSVP numbers. The general rule of thumb is to always order more cake than you think you will need. The last thing you want is to realize during your reception that you do not have enough cake for all of your guests. 

Finally, consider any additions that you would like to make to your wedding cake. Remember to check with the baker to determine whether a cake stand is included with the cake package you select. If not, this is something that you will need to take care of on your own. If the bakery package does include the use of a cake stand, you will need to make sure that it is returned to the bakery. This responsibility is one that is often difficult for brides to remember in the excitement following the wedding and in preparing to leave for the honeymoon, so make sure you designate a family member to take care of returning the cake stand. 

If you need consultation for planning your wedding  in Texas, then visit cake-junkie and we would be glad to help you out.
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Wedding Anniversary Cake Ideas for Every Taste Jul 02, 2014
While an anniversary cake is traditionally a mini replica of the original wedding cake, there is certainly no law stating that you must adhere to this tradition. Whether you are celebrating your first year of marital bliss or half a century together, there are plenty of options available to make your wedding anniversary a bit sweeter.
If you are looking for something simple and low-key, a sheet cake is a great option for an anniversary cake, particularly if you do not need to serve a large crowd. Although a sheet cake may sound boring, it can be anything but when jazzed up with a few special touches, such as chocolate covered strawberries.
For couples who will be celebrating their first anniversary and intend to freeze the top tier of their wedding cake to enjoy on their anniversary, there are a few tips to keep in mind. In order to ensure that the cake retains its wonderful taste a full twelve months later, it is important for the cake to be wrapped in moisture-and vapor-proof freezer bags. The cake should then be frozen for one to two hours to ensure that the icing sets before then being wrapped in plastic. If you do not freeze your cake for some reason, all is not lost. A great idea is to have a smaller version of the cake made featuring the same flowers, colors, or decorations. If you have a photo of the original cake, a talented baker should be able to create a miniature version for your anniversary celebration.
Of course, golden and silver wedding anniversaries often feature those hues on the cakes, but there is no reason for your cake to look stodgy if you prefer a more modern vibe. In fact, metallic wedding cakes are very much in style right now, so if you are celebrating your 25th or 50th wedding anniversary, silver and gold touches are certainly trending.
If you are looking for something a bit different from your original cake as a way of celebrating the anniversary of your nuptials, why not consider a decadent, chocolate confection? Flavors such as mocha and cappuccino are all the rage and are certain to satisfy the palette of even the most discerning guest. You might also consider mixing things up a bit with a variety of different chocolate flavors.
In terms of flavor, there are certainly many options available today beyond bland vanilla. For instance, if you happen to be celebrating your wedding anniversary in the summer, a lemon cake could be the ideal choice. Top with a variety of luscious frostings to create a one-of-a-kind showstopper. Along those same lines, an orange blossom wedding anniversary cake could be the perfect option as well. Featuring a delicate citrusy flavor and often accented with a light vanilla glaze or frosting, this cake is also a wonderful way to celebrate. Alternately, for wedding anniversaries held in the fall, a spice cake topped with cream cheese icing is certain to be a winner.
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Summer Wedding Cake Trends for 2014 May 29, 2014
With summer just around the corner, wedding season will soon be in full swing. As one of the main attractions of the reception, the wedding cake naturally receives its fair share of attention. Read on to find out more about the types of wedding cakes you are likely to see this summer.
Wedding cakes certainly no longer need to be white and many couples are choosing to show off their fun side by opting for bold, bright colors for their wedding cake designs. Bright, oversized flowers and statement patterns are just two of the colorful trends you are likely to see among wedding cakes this summer.
Ruffled cakes have been making their way into many wedding receptions for a while now and that is a trend that will continue this year. Constructed with multiple layers of fondant, rolled extremely thin, and then carefully handcrafted into delicate ruffles, these cakes offer a romantic look that is perfect for any wedding.
Many other brides are looking for a nostalgic look. One way to accomplish that is with the use of lace, but the process of removing it before cutting the cake can be tricky. The solution: edible lace. Classic vintage details in edible paper and icing are now appearing as a key feature in many custom wedding cakes. Brides who are looking for a truly traditional feel often opt for a white or ivory lace overlay on a cake of the same hue, while those seeking a more contemporary feel may choose white scalloped lace over a cake featuring the main color of their wedding theme.
The use of fresh flowers will likely continue in cake designs, but an increasing number of brides are also opting for handmade, painted sugar flowers. This option is a bit more expensive in most instances than fresh flowers, but the result is incredibly realistic and unlike fresh flowers, sugar flowers will not wilt during the day. Recently announced mother-to-be Chelsea Clinton reportedly had around 1,000 handcrafted sugar flowers on her cake when she wed in 2010. Additionally, brides can ensure that their flower of choice is always available regardless of season. Two timeless choices are roses and peonies.
While fresh flowers may not be quite as en vogue among this year's brides, fresh fruit is certainly making a statement. First introduced when 'naked wedding cakes' became a major trend, the use of fresh fruit on a tiered cake is the perfect way to dress up a summer wedding cake, especially one featuring simple, clean lines.
Although traditional tiered cakes in a variety of shapes will still likely dominate weddings, an increasing number of brides are looking to draw attention with statement cakes. The trend seemed to get started when Kaley Cuoco debuted an upside down wedding cake suspended from a chandelier for her nuptials earlier in the year. Since then, all manners of cakes have begun to appear at receptions. Many experts are also predicting that the use of non-traditional cake patterns will also make an increasing appearance in weddings this year.
If you are confused about which pattern to select, come visit our bakery and we can provide you with your wedding cake consultation
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Top Mistakes to Avoid When Planning your Wedding Cake Apr 28, 2014
The process of planning your wedding cake can be one of the most exciting aspects of planning your entire wedding. Naturally, you want to choose a cake that will leave your guests in awe and have everyone gushing over its deliciousness. The following tips can help you to meet all of your goals while enduring the least amount of stress possible. 

Do not try to please everyone on your guest list. One of the most common mistakes that many couples make when reviewing options for their wedding cake is to be concerned about who doesn't like what. Rather than worrying over whether Aunt Betty doesn't like chocolate or whether Cousin Bob would rather have vanilla, it is far better to focus on what you like. Keep in mind that this is your important day and everything about your cake should reflect what you and your beloved like, including down to the cake. Remember that the wedding cake is typically a choice of the bride's preference while the groom's cake is a chance for him to choose his favorite. The groom's cake is also a great opportunity to include an homage to his favorite hobbies or profession. If you are in College Station, then a Texas A&M cake is always a favorite design for groom's cakes.

Once you have selected your cakes, do not overlook the importance of the table as well as the cake stand. You will certainly want to have photographs of your cakes to enjoy in the future and well-photographed cakes include not just the cake itself but also all of the accompanying décor. Make sure that everything you choose, including the tablecloth, décor, and cake topper, tie together to create a cohesive theme. You may find it helpful to provide your baker with samples from the décor you plan to use to ensure that everything works well together.

While it is understandable that you want to ensure that your big day comes off without a hitch, do not make the mistake of trying to micromanage your baker. Remember that your baker has years of experience and an intimate understanding of what works and what does not. If your baker recommends against using a specific element of design, be willing to listen and ask for alternant recommendations. Imagine ignoring your baker's advice against a lovely white buttercream with black embellishments for an outdoor wedding at high noon on a Texas summer's day. The result will likely be black streaks all over your cake. This is an embarrassment that could easily be avoided by being willing to listen to your baker and her recommendations. Thus selecting the right bakery  also becomes very crucial.

Along those same lines, avoid the temptation to request a modern wedding cake  that is overly complicated. Cake reality shows today have made such busy designs very popular, but in reality, less is often more when it comes to designing a lovely cake. There is absolutely nothing wrong with including one or two elements in your cake, but try to keep it to that limit.
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Important Don'ts to Avoid When Planning your Wedding Cake Apr 03, 2014
While there are many important steps that you should take when choosing the perfect wedding cake, there are also a few things that you should make sure you do not do. 

One of the most common mistakes that many brides make is forgetting to show their baker color swatches. Keep in mind that there can be many hues of the same color. For instance, if you plan to include red in your wedding, it is important to be aware that red can range from deep red to soft red. Always provide your baker with a color swatch so they will know precisely what it is that you want. 

Also, do not think that you or another member of the wedding party can handle picking up the cake in an effort to save the delivery charge. In many instances, wedding cakes are simply not designed to travel fully assembled. If you attempt to pick up your cake and transport it this way, you are inviting disaster. Go ahead and spring for the bakery delivery to put your mind at ease on this important day knowing that your special occasion cake  will arrive intact and be exactly what it should be, the piece de resistance of your wedding reception.
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Crucial Steps for Choosing your Wedding Cake Mar 24, 2014
Every bride fantasizes about having the perfect wedding cake as the centerpiece of her reception. The process of choosing the perfect wedding cake requires several steps to ensure satisfaction. 

Begin by choosing a reputable bakery. Make it a point to visit the bakery's website to view their gallery of cakes. This can give you a good idea of what you can expert in terms of quality and design. 

Make sure you allow enough time to choose the perfect wedding cake. Generally, it is a good idea to allow three to six months to choose a custom wedding cake for your special occasion. Once you have selected the colors and theme for your wedding, you should begin consulting with your baker to plan your cake.

Finally, remember that while design is certainly important, so is flavor. Along with being in love with how your wedding cake looks, you should also love how it tastes. Bakeries typically offer a variety of flavor and filling options to ensure a decadent dessert that you and your guests will never forget. 
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Planning the Perfect Wedding Cake Jan 27, 2014
Planning your wedding cake is an exciting experience, but the process also comes with a lot of decisions. A number of options are available for wedding cakes and understanding those options can help you to find a cake that you and your beloved are sure to adore.
First, consider shape and size. Wedding cakes are available in all sizes, shapes, and forms. From round to rectangular to square to topsy-turvy, you can choose precisely how you want your cake to look.
When it comes to taste, everyone has his or her own preferences. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for that, as well. While vanilla was often the traditional choice, brides of today are often passing on classic choices and instead opting for more inventive choices, such as mocha or even red velvet.
What about the theme? From vintage-inspired cakes to ultra-modern, wedding cake designs can run the gamut. One of the most popular trends today is to match the design of the cake with the bride's dress.
Finally, you will need to make the decision between frosting and fondant. While many brides have definite ideas about these two options, if you find yourself on the fence, consider asking your baker to provide you with samples to assist you in making a final choice for your Wedding Cake.
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Making your Wedding Cake Distinctive with Decadent Flavors Jan 24, 2014
Second only to the bride's wedding dress, the wedding cake serves as an important conversation piece. While the look of a wedding cake is certainly a crucial factor, it is also important to consider the taste of your cake. Your Texas wedding cake should not only look great, but also be pleasing to the palette. Vanilla may be the most traditional flavor for wedding cakes, but today's brides have a host of options to choose from that will ensure their wedding cake taste as good as they look. Consider the following options:
Mocha-An absolute must for coffee lovers, this decadent combination of chocolate and espresso makes for an elegant cake.
Red Velvet-This trend experienced a spike in popularity a few years ago. With its subtle infusion of cocoa and decadent cream cheese frosting, red velvet is perfect for a holiday wedding or Valentine's wedding.
Italian Cream-When you want a delicious and elegant wedding cake; this blend of coconut and pecans with mascarpone frosting is perfect.
Hummingbird-Considered a staple in the South, this distinctive cake blends pecans, pineapple, banana, and spices and is finished off with a delicious cream cheese frosting. 
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Exotic International Flavors Trending for Wedding Cakes Dec 13, 2013
One-dimensional cake flavors are now giving way to pairings that are more complex, exotic, and interesting. Increasingly, many cakes are now features a variety of global ingredients that lend a hint of excitement. In fact, many brides and grooms are now gravitating toward fruity yet sweet combinations, such as guava buttercream. While buttercream is always decadent and delicious on its own, when paired with a hint of something more exotic, it becomes truly outstanding. Current popular options include cappuccino, champagne, Kahlua or pina colada.

If you like the idea of pairing flavors, options abound. Consider choices such as chocolate mint, orange creamsicle, cherry chip, raspberry cheesecake, Mexican chocolate, Tiramisu, apple caramel, or dulce de leche. In the event that you or your beloved happen to be a huge Nutella fan, you might consider a chocolate-hazelnut pairing to satisfy your longings.

Regardless of flavor combination you choose, make sure it is something you truly love. While certain options may sound exciting on paper, spend some time sampling to ensure your final choice will truly be the perfect icing on your wedding cake.
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Vintage Chic Inspires a New Take on Traditional Wedding Cakes Dec 10, 2013
Once you have decided on the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with, there are still a myriad of other decisions that need to be made. Among them is the type of cake that will reside as the centerpiece of your reception. Your wedding cake is a true reflection of you and your beloved. When ordering cakes, brides can now take advantage of a number of modern options that are certain to make their cakes the talk of the town. 

While the traditional white cake is still popular, an increasing number of modern brides are now thinking outside of the box and putting their own trendy touch on timeless favorites by incorporating both modern touches with personalized elements. For instance, many wedding cakes now feature a classic-looking design with a trendy touch. Vintage chic has become quite popular. In fact, very view brides are ordering simple white cakes now. Supplementary colors, such as oranges, fuchsias, and pinks are among the most popular options for introducing a dramatic flair to classic cakes. More elaborate designs, including damask, are also expected to remain popular throughout 2014.
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Love and Fall Are in the Air Nov 20, 2013
Fall in Texas is a beautiful time of year to get married. With a number of options available for Texas cakes, you can ensure that your autumn wedding is one that people will talk about for years to come. When most people think of autumnal wedding cakes, they envision rich golden tones, lovely mums, interesting flavors, and rustic toppers. 

In planning your wedding cake, why not think outside the box? Instead of a traditional white cake, a decadent chocolate wedding cake could be a great choice for fall, especially when paired with hues of gold, and the rich, jewel tones of fresh apples. Orange and yellow floral decorations are also a great way to highlight your fall wedding cake. Rustic is always in style for fall wedding cakes, but it is also entirely possible to feature an elegant wedding cake embellished with the beautiful tones of autumn. Consider a traditional white cake featuring a cascade of burnt sienna leaves crafted from fondant. If you are feeling particularly daring, considering incorporating the flavors of the season into your wedding cake. Caramel apple nut is currently a popular flavor. The options are limitless!
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Save Time and Avoid the Hassle by Ordering Desserts this Holiday Season Nov 14, 2013
As the leaves begin to fall and the temperatures finally begin to cool down, it's time to begin thinking about the yummy desserts that will be gracing your table this fall and winter. With a host of holidays, family get-togethers and parties on the calendar, an increasing number of people have found it is easier to pre-order a dessert from an experienced baker. Ordering ahead of time ensures that you have a wonderful dessert to present to your guests or even your hostess without the fuss and time involved in doing it yourself. As a result, you have more time (and energy!) for enjoying what is really important-family and friends. 

When ordering Texas cakes and other desserts, keep in mind that having pertinent information readily available can ensure a smooth process. Know how many servings or items you need and the flavors you want. It is also important to be specific regarding the desired pickup date. If you are ordering your items online, remember to proofread your order before submitting it to ensure everything is correct.
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Planning the Perfect Fall Wedding Cake Nov 05, 2013
A fall wedding can be a beautiful event. While bright colors are not in vogue during the autumn, there are still many creative ideas you can incorporate into your wedding cake to create a beautiful centerpiece. One popular option that is growing increasingly popular with many brides for their cakes is a rustic burlap wedding cake. Featuring white or ivory buttercream icing accented with burlap embellishments, this simple but rustic concept is a perfect option for a fall wedding. 

If you like the idea of including traditional fall colors into the design of your wedding cake, consider a harvest bounty cake. White tiers embellished with intricate black damask designs create the perfect backdrop for russet colored fabric pumpkins nestled between the layers. A similar idea offers the opportunity to include fall leaves in the design of your fall wedding cake. If you like the idea but are looking for something with more of a romantic touch, consider adding a few coral roses to a pristine white cake accented with beautiful piping.
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Fondant or Butter cream for your Wedding Cake? Oct 30, 2013
Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting times of your life. Part of that planning involves choosing the wedding cake that will serve as the centerpiece of your reception. There are many options available today for designer wedding cakes. One of the first decisions you will need to make is whether you prefer fondant or butter cream. 

In determining whether butter cream or fondant is the best choice for your wedding cake, consider the setting and the time of year. Butter cream is typically able to hold up quite well in warm weather, but if you are planning a wedding in the middle of the summer when temperatures can soar into triple digits, you may wish to speak to your local cake baker about various options. 

Butter cream recipes are available that include stabilizers to ensure the frosting sets. Taste is another factor to consider when choosing between fondant and butter cream. To assist you in making a decision, plan to have a tasting at the bakery you choose. Keep in mind that fondant can be made in various flavors, including vanilla and chocolate. Finally, consider budget. A butter cream cake will typically cost less than a fondant cake due to the simple fact that fondant is more expensive and more difficult to work with, thus adding to the final cost of the cake. 
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Personalizing your Wedding Cake Sep 17, 2013
Modern brides and grooms are now opting for wedding cakes that reflect their own individual style and taste. Gone are days when brides select a cake from a catalog or a magazine. Many couples are now asking for more personal elements to be incorporated into their wedding cakes. Although a cake topper can certainly add a personalized touch to a cake, more and more couples are looking for cakes that actually reflect their interests in the design of the cake. From die-hard A&M fans who ask for Aggie cakes to brides and grooms who ask for their cake to tell the story of their relationship through storyboarding, today's cakes now run the gamut. 

If you are considering ordering a personalized wedding cake, keep in mind the importance of communication with your cake designer. Be clear about what it is that you want and what you do not want in your cake. Outlining your desires early on can help to avoid miscommunication and ensure you receive a cake that is just as unique and special as your relationship.

The selection of a wedding cake is a highly personal decision. Ultimately, there is not a right or wrong design. The perfect cake will complement the joy of your special day while impressing guests with its flavor. 
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Flavors Take the Cake Sep 12, 2013
Embellishments and wedding cakes go hand in hand; however, a number of brides are now making the shift toward cakes that are more simple and elegant in nature with a stronger emphasis on flavor. No longer are brides restricted to either chocolate or vanilla cakes. In fact, many brides are now opting for flavor combinations that might have graced reception tables when their mothers were brides. Such options include devil's food, red velvet, and even marbled cakes. 

Can't decide which flavor is the best choice for your cake? Why force yourself to choose? With a multi-tiered wedding cake, you can have everything to your heart's desire by selecting a different flavor for each tier of your cake. With the ability to add different fillings for each flavor and even different frostings, it is truly possible to have the wedding cake of your dreams.

There is also an increasing trend toward seasonal flavors. During the fall, many brides are now choosing spice, apple and pumpkin flavors, while summer brides are opting for fresh fruit flavors. Ultimately, rather than impressing guests with the design a cake, today's brides are looking to wow guests with flavor. 
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Avoiding Common Wedding Cake Mistakes Aug 27, 2013
Planning a wedding can be a big undertaking. Choosing a wedding cake that is certain to leave your guests in awe at the reception is a big responsibility, but far too commonly, many brides make the same critical mistakes. For instance, most brides today begin their search for the ideal wedding cake in a magazine or by browsing online and searching blogs and Pinterest. When they find a cake that is perfect for impressing their guests but think it looks as though it might be out of their price range, they immediately count it out. 

An experienced wedding cake designer; however, can give you a price estimate as well as make suggestions to create a similar cake that is more financially feasible. Focus on finding a trustworthy baker that is known for their reputable work and who provides a photo gallery of past designs for cakes and you could easily have the cake of your dreams within your budget. When working with your baker, it is important to avoid making another all too common mistake and that is assuming that your baker is a mind reader. Make it a point to be specific and bring in a photo of the cake you like and give it to your baker. If you would like to have a few changes, write down your ideas so your baker has something to reference. 
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Designing a Unique Wedding Anniversary Cake Aug 21, 2013
A wedding cake is often the centerpiece of a wedding reception, but when the time comes to celebrate the anniversary of that special day, a beautiful and delicious cake can be a great way to honor the occasion. Anniversary cakes are not typically as grand and showy as the original wedding cake, but you do have a number of options available. In fact, your anniversary cake can be as glamorous or as simple as you would like. One option would be to order a mini replica of your original wedding cake. You could also opt for something completely unique, however. 

The latest trends in cakes ensure there are no limits. Let your creativity and imagination inspire your cake design. The shape of your anniversary cake can be anything from a traditional round or square cake to an irregularly shaped cake. The key today is to think out of the box and come up with a design that is completely unique. Along with designs, there are also many more flavor choices than may have been available when you were first married. Consider such options as a decadent peanut butter chocolate, scrumptious mocha latte, or a rich raspberry.
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Make your Cake Shine Jul 31, 2013
Although some brides during the upcoming fall bridal season will be embracing the idea of less is more, other brides are now turning toward the idea of incorporating plenty of bling into their wedding cakes. The use of metallic décor in wedding cakes can produce anything from over-the-top to understated elegance. 

In choosing to use metallic décor in your wedding cake, it is important to take a few factors into consideration. One of those factors is your overall color scheme. For instance, a silver metallic wedding cake will often look best when paired with a color scheme that consists of silver, grey, or white. A gold metallic wedding cake can be exceptional as part of a black or even purple color scheme. The number of options that can be used when creating a metallic wedding cake is practically limitless. Keep in mind that while full-on metallic color options are available, less is more is a concept to remember when designing a metallic bridal cake. Consider including metallic flowers, ribbons, or even filigree accents to truly make your cake stand out.
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Keeping it Simple with Natural Wedding Cakes Jul 25, 2013
With the approaching fall wedding season, many brides may be embracing the idea of less is more when it comes to designing wedding cakes. In the past, wedding cakes have typically been accompanied by mounds of bling, ribbons, and tons of icing, an increasing number of brides is now opting for nude or natural wedding cakes. The idea of natural wedding cakes is certainly nothing new with brides such as Hilary Duff and even Victoria Beckham opting to include these cakes as the centerpiece of their nuptials in years past. 

Natural wedding cakes can be anything but boring. Many natural wedding cakes are designed to include a rustic theme and may include the incorporation of various types of fresh fruits and flowers as beautiful but understated adornments. Varying types of sugar dustings may also be used to create visual interest in a natural wedding cake. Regardless of what type of ceremony you may be planning, if you want to keep things understated, a natural wedding cake could be just what you are seeking. 

Cake Junkie is the local wedding cake bakery serving Austin/College Station/Brazos Valley area. If you are looking for a designer natural wedding cake then contact us at (979) 268-2342
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Lace Inspired Vintage Wedding Cakes Jun 21, 2013
While modern wedding cakes are certainly still strongly in demand among many brides, there is also an increasing trend toward traditional and vintage cakes. A beautiful way to achieve this popular look is with a lace wedding cake. Given the many different styles of lace available, the sky is practically the limit in terms of designing a wedding cake that is truly unique. Although lace is frequently associated with hues of white, keep in mind that it can be easily combined with a rainbow of other hues. If you do opt for a vintage lace cake, remember to bring a sample of the lace you want to match to your baker to ensure a precise match. 

Even though lace is often associated with days gone by, it can still look chic and modern, as well. To achieve this look, consider opting for a cake in a bold hue and embellishing it with your favorite lace design. Another option would be to select an ivory cake and embellish it with trendy black lace. A mix and match lace cake is another great way to achieve a distinctive, multi-dimensional cake that is completely modern. 

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Extravagant Wedding Cakes Take on New Dimensions Jun 17, 2013
The cake cutting ceremony has always served as a focal point of any reception and that is no less true with modern wedding cakes than it was in the past. In fact, contemporary wedding cakes are now perhaps even more of a centerpiece than in the past, so it is important for your cake to make a grand statement. Although tiered cakes with roman pillars are now out of vogue, tall wedding cakes are still considered to be quite fashionable. At a minimum, many brides are now requesting four tiers for their wedding cakes. If that is too many tiers, consider using dummy tiers as an effective way to increase the height of your wedding cake. 

Many Texas cakes are also now taking on an array of different shapes. Although round tiers are still very much in demand, an increasing number of couples are now opting for hexagon, octagon, and square confections for their weddings. Such cakes can be particularly suitable when you want are planning a laid-back affair or an ultra-modern reception. By opting to pair cakes of different shapes together, you can also easily create a multi-dimensional cake that is certain to attract notice. 

Cake Junkie is the local Texas Wedding Cake Designer. For unique and modern wedding cakes contact us at (979) 268-2342.
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Attain New Heights with the Right Bridal Wedding Cake Design May 21, 2013
Are you a bride? Are you looking to gain height for your bridal cake, but you do not necessarily need that much cake to serve at your reception? If so, you are not alone. Taller cakes have recently made a comeback, but the designs we are seeing today are strikingly different from the tall columns that were once so popular during the 1980s. Instead, many brides are now ordering tiers that are taller than average and using spacer tiers to gain the height they need for an elegant and attention-commanding cake. 

If you are looking for a unique bridal cake design that is both traditional and modern, one option to consider is a combination cake and cupcake tower. Featuring a delicate cascade of beautifully decorated cupcakes, this design option gives you the best of both worlds. While you can still maintain a wedding cake for the traditional cake cutting, at the same time you gain beautiful layers of cupcakes that are certain to whet the appetites of your guests. In addition, one of the great benefits of a cake and cupcake tower is that it can be easily customized to suit your desired number of guests. 

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New Designs Give Added Dimension to Wedding Cakes May 15, 2013
It is only natural for most brides to want to make certain their wedding cake is a showstopper that is certain to attract attention. With that thought in mind, there are several new design options you might want to consider when ordering wedding cakes. One of those options is the use of letterpress patterns. This is actually a great way to pay homage to an ornately embroidered wedding dress. Or, if you desire you can replicate the floral pattern on your wedding invitation. If you have fallen head over heels in love with your china pattern, why not have it reappear on your wedding cake? The options are practically without limit and your choice of design can be easily created by your skilled baker’s hand and rolled-out fondant. 

Another option that can lend a similar design to your wedding cake is a hand-painted design. China patterns have become particularly popular, but the design you choose for your own wedding cake can certainly be inspired by anything. Regardless of what you choose to ultimately grace your cake, you can be certain that guests will take notice. 
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Reveal a Sweet Surprise through a Reveal Cake Apr 19, 2013
The arrival of a new baby is always a cause for celebration. One of the latest trends in Texas cakes is the reveal cake. If you are not familiar with this cake trend, this is how it works: the expectant couple will order a cake a few days ahead of a specific date and request that the cake batter for the cake be tinted pink for a girl or blue for a boy. The parents of the baby can then host a special party or gathering for their friends and family. When the decorated cake is sliced, the gender of the baby will be revealed. This is not only a great way to welcome a new addition to the family, but it is also a wonderful way to build the anticipation.

If you really want to increase the anticipation, consider asking your physician to seal the results of your ultrasound in an envelope and then deliver it to your local cake bakery. No peeking! Based on the information in the envelope, the cake batter can be appropriately tinted and decorated on the outside with decorations that are gender neutral. To top off your sweet surprise, you might even consider having your reveal cake decorated with the phrase “It’s a…..?” The answer will be revealed when you first slice into the cake!
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Treat your Guests to Tasty Trends Apr 16, 2013
If you are interested in wowing your friends at your next get-together with the latest bakery trends, there are certainly plenty of options to choose from. Many people often wonder whether cupcakes are a trend that is fading. This is far from the case. Custom Cupcakes are still growing in popularity, but they are being taken to the next level with a host of toppings and fillings that will beg you to indulge. If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, consider such tasty options as Mocha Latte or Chai Spice. 

Flavor combinations, exotic spices, and sweet/salty combinations are popular in all types of bakery items today. There has also been a massive trend toward liqueur and alcoholic beverage flavors. Just a few options to consider include rum tarts, limoncello cakes, and margarita cupcakes. Any of these options would be a great choice for wedding cakes or a sweet little treat to tempt guests at a bachelorette party. 

Finally, one trend that may be somewhat surprising is the move toward Nordic trends such as Kransekake and Kringle. Nordic foods are rapidly becoming popular in restaurants throughout the country and once you have tried these tasty treats from the north, chances are they will quickly top your list of favorites as well.
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New Arrivals on the Pastry Scene Mar 25, 2013
It hasn’t been that long since cupcakes were among the most popular treats for any event, but these tasty little morsels may quickly have some competition. Èclairs are rapidly becoming a much sought after dessert. While these decadent pastries have been the delight of Paris for many years, they have since crossed the ocean and are now being featured in all kinds of get-togethers. Part of the reason éclairs have become so popular, aside from their scrumptious taste, is the new way they are being presented. 

With jewel-like decorations crafted from fondant icing, these treats are the perfect addition for everything from a casual get-together to a formal affair. The ability to experiment with the presentation of éclairs does not stop with their outer appearance, either. Forget plain cream filling and consider the many options available by adding a hint of almond or hazelnut extract. For something truly extraordinary, an éclair 
stuffed with cocoa or coffee infused filling is the perfect choice. Need a bite-size morsel? Why not consider a selection of mini-éclairs? A platter of these delicious little pastries would be right at home with any wedding cake

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Hot New Trends in Texas Cakes Mar 16, 2013
Texas cake trends are now taking a turn toward designs that are deceptively simple. One cake design that is quickly taking the baking world by storm is the peek-a-boo cake. From the outside, these cakes appear to be quite modest, but once you slice into these beauties, their true charm is revealed. From checkerboard squares in vibrant colors to hearts and other designs embedded in delicious sponge cake, these cakes are a great way to thrill guests. To make the most of these cakes, it is best to keep the exterior decorations to a minimum. 

Much like the popular marble cakes, zebra cakes are also now becoming quite popular. Whether you are planning a fun Sweet 16 party or if you are interested in livening up your wedding reception with unique wedding cakes that are completely unique, these treats will definitely take the cake! One of the great benefits of zebra cakes is that options are practically endless when it comes to flavor and color possibilities. Put your imagination to work and you can be assured that your guests will be impressed.
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Vintage is in for Spring Wedding Cakes Feb 27, 2013
Spring is just around the corner in Texas and before long, brides and grooms will be exchanging vows against a backdrop of beautiful blooms. When it comes to spring trends for wedding cakes, one color you are likely to see a lot of is mint. Not only is this crisp, cool hue popular at the spring fashion shows, but it is also making an appearance in College Station cupcakes and wedding cakes. 

One of the reasons for this shift towards mint is the move towards vintage style weddings. Many wedding planners are reporting a request for 30s and 40s-inspired wedding themes. Along with looking chic and fresh, mint delivers a fantastic retro feel that is perfect for a vintage-inspired wedding. When paired with lemon yellow, soft pastel pink, or ivory, it forms the perfect color palette for a spring wedding.  Not sure you want a wedding cake done entirely in mint green? Consider incorporating hints of this popular color into your cake with flowers, piping, or some beautiful fondant swags or draping. 

Cake Junkie has wide variety of designer Spring Wedding Cakes. Call us today at 979-268-2342 and we will design a special cake for your wedding.
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Planning for Valentines Day Feb 14, 2013
Today is Valentine’s Day and with a little planning you can make sure you bring a smile to that special person’s face. 

When you want to plan something special for your significant other, ordering specialty Texas cakes will make certain this Valentine’s Day is one they will always remember. The options are practically endless, but when it comes to Valentine’s Day, chocolate is often the most popular choice. A chocolate cake with a decadent chocolate Bavarian cream or chocolate mousse filling and topped with chocolate ganache or chocolate buttercream is certain to be a hit. 

While Valentine’s Day is often thought of as a day for lovers, there are many options available for showing those close to you just how much they mean to you. A jumbo specialty cupcake would make a sweet surprise for your mom or best friend. Trays of specialty cookies or cupcakes for Valentine’s Day will ensure your kids know how much you love them and are also a great way to contribute to classroom parties without the need to spend all of your time in the kitchen. 

If you are looking for delicious and designer seasonal cakes in College Station for this Valentine’s Day then contact Cake Junkie bakery at 979-268-2342.
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Make Entertaining Easier This Holiday Season Jan 04, 2013
This time of year it can seem as though the calendar is filled with get-togethers and events, leaving little time for baking the delicious treats you would really like to serve your family and friends. Instead of running yourself ragged this holiday season, a more sensible solution is to order your treats early and leave plenty of time for relaxing and enjoying the holidays with family and friends. 

Need something special for your company holiday party? Why not consider customized sugar cookies that feature your company logo? Gourmet cupcakes also make a great addition to any company party and are a convenient way to make your next event festive. There simply is not an easier solution for an office manager that is already stressed out during this busy time of the year! Looking for something different? This time of year, the scents of gingerbread, peppermint, and cranberry fill the air. Decorations can range from sophisticated to whimsical and ensure a delightful design no matter what the event may be. Gourmet decorated cakes, cupcakes, and cookies also make wonderful gifts for your clients, customers, family, and friends. 
Even if you are not sure what you need for your event or get-together, a consultation can assist you in determining how many treats you need to serve your guests and can introduce you to a decadent array of flavors appropriate for the occasion. You can even get advice on the best way to display your treats. 
If you are looking for decorated cookies in Brazos Valley then call Cake Junkie at 979-268-2342 and enjoy the holidays with family and friends.
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Its the Season for Sugar and Spice Jan 03, 2013
The holidays are upon us and many of the events we attend with family and friends this holiday season will be centered on food. While traditional desserts will always have their place, there is also room for creativity. A tray of Christmas-themed cupcakes or cake pops can make not only a beautiful centerpiece, but also a refreshing break from traditional favorites. If you’re looking for something new and interesting to tempt your guests during this holiday season, there are certainly plenty of options to choose from, including delightful holiday cookies, cakes, mini pastries and pies. Planning a company holiday party or a get-together with friends? A festive party tray will be certain to bring a smile to everyone’s faces. 
Remember, that a great holiday get-together is only as good as the treats and desserts served. Treats such as red velvet brownies not only add a splash of sophistication to a table, but will also be snatched up quickly. Regardless of the type of cakes and treats you decide to serve to your guests, make sure you have plenty. As a general rule of thumb, plan to have one slice of pie or cake per guest if that is the only dessert you are serving. If you are serving three or more desserts, plan to have half a slice per guest. For cookies, make sure you have at least two cookies per guest.
If you are looking for some unique seasonal cakes in College Station for making your holidays special, then contact Cake Junkie at 979-268-2342.
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Cakes Go Customized Nov 26, 2012
Over time, trends in Texas cakes have definitely changed. As the years have gone by, cakes have become bigger, better, and more elaborate. Not only are decorated cakes an essential for weddings, but they are also now an important component of other events. As cakes have become an integrated element of various types of celebrations, they have also become more individualized. Individuality is now a critical element in everything from wedding cakes to cakes celebrating the Little League’s championship win. No longer are cakes simply desserts. They are now a method of both celebration and communication. 

Personalization is just one of the latest trends we are seeing in wedding cakes as well as other cakes. Cakes can be easily decorated with 3D figures of the client’s choice and color choices abound. This has become a particular favorite for College Station Aggie cakes, complete with the renowned A&M logo. Whether you are planning a wedding, a retirement party, or any other type of celebration: think individuality. Customization adds a personal touch while helping to build strong relationships. 

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Wedding Cake Trends for 2013 Nov 21, 2012
As 2012 begins to draw to a close, trends for the coming year are already starting to emerge. Based on predictions, it appears that many brides will be choosing a simpler look for the new year. In fact, it looks as though a casual homemade atmosphere will be the order of the day. DIY favors and decorating is a great way to slash your wedding budget and create an informal ambience. 
When it comes to your cake, it is still a good idea to trust the centerpiece of your reception to a professional. By working with a professional that specializes in wedding cakes, you can avoid the stress that is often accompanied by trying to handle such a large project on your own. If you still want the informal look for your cake, you will find it is easy to work with your wedding cake professional to find a design that is simple and understated enough to work with your casual theme. 
At Cake Junkie Bakery we have wide variety of designer Wedding Cakes in Texas that will make your wedding special. Contact us at 979-268-2342 for your wedding cake.
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Cake Pops Take the Cake Oct 24, 2012
Cake pops are currently all the rage, and considering the many different ways they can be customized, it is easy to see why they are so popular. They make great additions for any fun event or holiday, including birthday parties, baby showers, and even wedding receptions. One of the great things about cake pops is that they can be dressed up for formal events or dressed down for something more casual. 

Party planners looking for a fun and interesting way to jazz up their upcoming Halloween party or unique treats for the little goblins on the block may find that cake pops are just the thing. These tasty treats naturally lend themselves well to pumpkin and jack o’ lantern designs, but they can also be easily customized to form ghosts, spider webs, or any other spooky design you might have in mind. Looking for something to serve up at a pre or post-game party? Cupcakes and cake pops will not only add a splash of color to your dessert table, but will have everyone clamoring to grab a tasty treat. 

Looking for trendy Cake Pops designs and Cupcakes in College Station, Texas, call Cake Junkie at 979-268-2342.
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Designing your Specialty Cake Oct 22, 2012
Considering ordering a cake, but you aren’t sure where to get started? The options are practically endless, including the ability to create your own unique combination of flavors with specialty fillings. 
In most cases, you will need to choose a flavor from three categories: cake, filling, and frosting. If you are feeling particularly daring, you can even include multiple filling flavors for your cake. This is a great way to infuse an additional dimension. Afraid to get too creative? You can consider many popular, time-proven flavor combinations. A white cake with raspberry mousse filling and buttercream frosting is a great option for custom wedding cakes or for any other occasion. A chocolate cake with Oreo mousse filling and chocolate buttercream frosting would not only serve well for a groom’s cake, but also makes a great addition to any birthday celebration. Whether you want something tried and true, or you are willing to be adventurous with your flavor choices, there are plenty of options to choose from. 
Still confused about selecting your Wedding Cake design, contact Cake Junkie, a local College Station Bakery at 979-268-2342 for designer wedding cakes in Texas.
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Groom Cakes Still a Popular Choice Sep 26, 2012
The summer wedding season may be past, but fall nuptials are right around the corner and many brides and grooms are searching for the perfect designer groom’s cake. While the idea of a groom’s cake may not be as well known in other parts of the country, in Texas, groom’s cakes still reign supreme, taking only a backseat to the bride’s cake. In many instances, the modern groom’s cake expresses the unique personality of the groom. Therefore, it is little wonder that for many Texas cakes, that means a College Station Aggie cake for the groom!

Grooms cakes were first included as part of the wedding celebration around the mid-19th century in England. In the early 20th century, grooms cakes began to appear in the southern United States and have since become a staple. Although early groom’s cakes were usually a stacked chocolate cake, today they have become far more elaborate and  wedding cakes are now often the order of the day for couples with links to A&M. Just like every couple, every groom’s cake usually has a story. A uniquely designed groom’s cake ensures the groom has his own place in the spotlight at the reception. 

For delicious and designer Groom cakes in College Station, Texas contact Cake Junkie bakery at 979-268-2342.
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Wedding Cake Trends for Fall 2012 Sep 25, 2012
Planning a fall wedding? There are so many fun and interesting trends, you can incorporate into a fall wedding. A wedding cake certainly doesn’t have to be traditional, and if you are getting married in the fall, why not let the colors of the season inspire the design of your cake? Imagine a vanilla cake topped with buttercream frosting infused with a dash of cinnamon, or a pumpkin spice cake crowned with cream cheese frosting. Even traditional cake flavors, like carrot cake, or now being used in fall wedding cake trends. 

While flavor is certainly an important part of wedding cakes, design is a huge consideration as well. Today, the trend seems to be toward keeping cakes elegant and simple and accenting the cake with hints of fall, such as bright flowers, leaves, pine cones, or even beautiful brown roses. Whatever design and flavor combination you decide upon, remember: It’s your day! Let your heart and your imagination run wild!

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Wedding Cakes Take on New Trends Aug 15, 2012
Given the number of options available for College Station wedding cakes today, many couples may find themselves feeling overwhelmed. If the idea of a traditional wedding cake doesn’t fit your theme, why not consider alternate choices? Couples today can choose from a wide array of options to suit their theme and personal preferences. For instance, many couples today are now choosing cookies instead of the traditional wedding cake. Along with being tasty treats, cookies can also do double duty as place settings or favors. 

Other popular trends include cupcakes. College Station cupcakes can even be customized to include the Aggie logo. Display them on a lovely tiered cupcake stand or at each guest’s place setting. Today, you are only limited to your imagination when it comes to finding unique Texas cakes. Whether you choose traditional or trendy, the most important step is choosing something that fits your personality and will provide a sweet memory of the first day of your new lives together.

For custom cupcakes in Texas call Cake Junkie bakery at 979-268-2342.
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Making your Wedding Cake Design Matter Aug 15, 2012
When the time comes to tie the knot, the wedding cake is often at the top of the happy couple’s to-do list. Whether you are planning a formal affair or something casual and intimate, finding the right wedding cake is essential. Given the many options available for wedding cakes today, the choices can seem overwhelming. To help in narrowing down the choices, begin by giving some thought to a design that is personal to the two of you. 

The sky is the limit today when it comes to wedding cake designs. It is quite easy to incorporate logos, piping, writing, shapes, etc. No longer is it necessary to stick to the tried and true white tiered cake. Incorporate a unique shape for your cake or show your Aggie loyalty with College Station wedding cakes from Cake Junkie. Include the A&M logo for your groom’s cake or consider offering College Station cupcakes as a sweet favor for your guests at the conclusion of your reception. The possibilities are practically endless!

For designer wedding cakes in Texas call Cake Junkie bakery at 979-268-2342.
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